New Year 2023


2022 was a very difficult year for us, it was a forced relocation with the accompanying stress that during the year led to heavy pressure on the motivation of our developers, the RayStake hack via Franken attack also hit our ecosystem. Unfortunately, we have to admit that our efficiency in 2022 was no more than half of what we could have done…

2023: Plans and hopes

We hope that 2023 will be a breakthrough year for us as we launch most of our planned projects such as RayStake, RaySwap and more. We will breathe a second life into and

Completing the Swap Event

In total, about 86% of the 97,914,504 old XRAYs were exchanged for new XRAY tokens in two months. We will also extend this event for six months until July 1, 2023. After that date, the remaining unswapped tokens will be transferred to the Stage 2 rewards fund and gradually distributed as rewards to our project users.


This year, the concept for RayStake, the most advanced native token and ADA staking center, has been fully finalized. RayStake will feature regular ADA staking with an explorer of all pools in Cardano, and three types of pools for staking native tokens: APR, DROP, ADA. Any projects will be able to create pools for native tokens staking and distribute their tokens as rewards with set parameters. In the case of ADA pool, all of the delegated ADA tokens will be re-delegated to the Cardano pool, so it will be possible to create completely decentralized ISPOs in few clicks.



An advanced DeFi ecosystem for Cardano blockchain platform

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